Airport Transfers to Livigno

Posted in Livigno Airport Transfers by Steve Barron on 19/08/2018

A lot of people spend hours online researching how to get to Livigno. Although Livigno is very easy to get too, the costs can add up if you get to the airport outside of the shuttle hours. We have put some notes on the various airports to use as well as the pro’s & con’s of each one.

Italian airports

Most people fly into either Milan Bergamo (BGY), Milan Linate (LIN) or Milan Malpensa (MXP) where we have shuttle coaches running every saturday during the ski season to and from the airports. The shuttle coaches only run to & from Milan Bergamo & Milan Malpensa during other days and not Milan Linate.

We also offer private transfers for all size groups 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. If there is just a small group travelling, the airport shuttle we offer is always the best value for money and for this you would need to arrive and depart at certain times to time the shuttle coaches, however if you are in a large group the shuttle coaches are still an option but we can also offer private transfers as this can be just as cost effective for larger groups.

It’s always best to send us an email on before you book your flights if you want to make sure that they are ok to meet the shuttle coaches.

To Book –

Pro’s – cheap flights usually available to all 3 airports  – roads kept clear during snowfall as it’s a main route

Con’s – 

Tip – if you are driving upto Tirano, from here some sat nav’s will direct you to go through Switzerland to Livigno via the Forcola Pass, this pass is CLOSED during the winter months. You need to continue on the main road from Tirano to Bormio, then from here onto Livigno (via Foscagno Pass)


Austrian airports

A few people will use the Airport in Innsbruck (INN).  The shuttle service from here is only on a Saturday during the ski season and only certain weeks so make sure you check before booking flights

Pro’s – shorter transfer

Con’s – Both the road from Livigno to Switzerland and Innsbruck airport itself, are much more liable to closure or diversions – Transfers are more expensive than Milan and so are the flights normally

To Book –


Swiss Airports

In Switzerland you can also fly into Zurich (ZRH) airport. Like Milan some good deals can be found on flights. For the transfers, there are no shuttle coaches from Zurich to Livigno so a private transfer is the best option or another option is to take the train. Although the route is very scenic, it does involve taking 2/3 trains then a bus which in total will take about 5 hours.

Pro’s  – scenic journey

Con’s  – more hassle shifting the suitcases from train to train etc if you want a relaxing journey

To Book –


Car hire 

This is another option for the transfers although do keep in mind the following when renting a car

  1. Are you prepared to drive in snowy conditions if needed.
  2. Make sure you have snow chains as it’s the law that you have them
  3. Do you know how to put the snow chains on
  4. It’s advisable to check that you have the required level of insurance to cover you for bumps and breakdowns – double check before renting as many car rental companies have different policies.
  5. It’s best to rent a petrol car and when you first arrive in Livigno, fill up the tank with fuel immediately. This is because of the low temperatures that you can get in Livigno and the fuel here has a special additive to stop it freezing. Diesal cars especially in very low temperatures can have problems problems starting.

Other important information

For people who will be travelling through the “Munt Schera Tunnel”, remember this is a one way tunnel where the direction of travel is alternated throughout the day. Email us if you are unsure before booking flights etc

We hope these tips on how to get to Livigno help you with your travels and we can help take the stress out by organising all the transfers for you should you need a shuttle bus or a private transfer.