Livigno Bike Season 2020

Posted in Livigno information by Steve Barron on 11/06/2020

Livigno is officially opening the 2020 Bike season on the 13th June with 3200km of trails mapped with GPS on both mountain sides of Livigno, 17km of cycle path, three bike parks and much more.

With the opening of the bike lifts on June 13th, Livigno kicks off the 2020 Bike season.  There are many trails accessible directly from the town center and bikers will be able to reach 3000 meters thanks to the lifts and ride down the trails of Mottolino, Carosello and Sitas.

In the Livigno bike season from 13 June to 26 June, the Bike Pass Free promotion is back again this year.  by booking a stay of at least 3 nights in a hotel or 7 nights in an apartment in selected properties and you will receive a free Bike Pass valid for the entire duration of the stay.


Not just for bikers

The Bike Pass Free is not only for bikers,  it’s also for those people who either just want to enjoy the village and it’s river walks, or maybe just want to go to the top of the mountain for some spectacular views of the Alps, the pass can be replaced by an entrance to the Slide & Fun area of Aquagranda,  a free entrance ticket to Larix Park and a booklet of 1/3 ascents with the lifts of Mottolino, Carosello and Sitas to enjoy the charm of the peaks also without a bike*.Livigno also offers many Bike Friendly hotels that offer storage and maintenance areas as well as laundry facilities.


Mottolino Fun Mountain

Mottolino is one of the first bike parks in Europe, an undisputed paradise for downhill and freeride lovers. Built in 2005 for the MTB World Championships  it offers 14 trails suitable for everyone divided into difficulty levels.

6 are the most technical trails, reserved for expert and pro riders, while another 8, the medium-easy ones, also include flowtrails and are suitable for beginners.

Immersed in the woods, with its suspended bridges and wooden walkways, there is the North Shore area, while the Slopestyle Line and Drops Area are dedicated to more experienced bikers and allow you to test your jumping skills.

For those who want to test themselves even if they are beginners or want to challenge themselves by exceeding their limits, there is the inflatable bag, to learn new techniques and aerial evolutions.


Mountain Park Carosello 3000 & Sitas mountain area

Designed to be accessible to all riders, of all levels of experience, Mountain Park Carosello 3000 and Mountain Area Sitas, inaugurated in 2015, today form a large bike area that has over 50 km of trails  from the Roller Coaster, a flow-trail pure with sensational views of Lake Livigno at the very fast H-Dream, capable of launching expert bikers up to a maximum speed of 70 km / h, up to the Coast to Coast excursion and the technical flow of the Blueberry Line.

Do not miss the Bomb Trail, inaugurated in summer 2019: a 2.7 km route and 407 m in altitude for more experienced bikers. Suitable for everyone, young and old, experts or beginners, is the Tutti Frutti Epic Tour, a 45 km route that can be covered in a day with cross-country, all-mountain or enduro bikes, designed to give an exciting and complete tour without ever finding yourself on the same trail, which allows you to cross some of the most suggestive locations in Livigno and some of the most historic trails. At the Bike Academy, moreover, the little ones (and those who are at the first experience) will be able to experience the different types of terrain and obstacles before venturing on the most difficult trails.

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Road Bike, E-Bike & a 17km cycle track

In addition to the excellence of the three bike parks, Livigno has earned over the years the title of ‘Biker Paradise’, because it offers everything to satisfy the desires of all types of bike enthusiasts. Livigno is also the ideal for road cycling.   It is in fact the ideal starting and arrival point for unforgettable tours and offers everyone, even the less experienced, the opportunity to pedal on the most iconic Alpine Mountain Passes that made cycling history, including the Stelvio, Bernina, Gavia, Mortirolo, Foscagno, Maloja.

Through the center of the village you can find the cycle path, which runs for almosy 17 km on the green area, following the entire length of Livigno valley. Suitable for everyone, from families with children to those looking for a peaceful excursion into nature, the Livigno cycle path starts from the famous Latteria di Livigno – the unmissable Dairy, in the Lake area, to the Forcola Area.   Along the cycle path you can enjoy a little relaxation by stopping in one of the many playgrounds and green areas or stopping for a picnic with friends and family in one of the equipped areas.


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